Frequently Answered Questions

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  1. What does "Atomische" Mean?
    Although it does mean something (in German, 'Atomic') I chose it because it it has my name in it (Tom) and it sounds cool () and of course, the domain name was available.
  2. Why do you post on Flickr and here?
    Flickr is a wonderful photo-sharing community, and I've made lots of friends there. The site's tagging, grouping and commenting features are great for sharing and exploring other people's photos.

    That said, I still want tighter control over presentation of my images, hence the Atomische photoblog. Also, I'm a web developer by trade so this gives me a chance to try out programming and interface ideas.

    In the future, look for more Flickr-Atomische integration as I learn the API. You'll notice that comments are currently integrated, although just one-way.